The Laziness Scale

The Laziness Scale rates things as Lazy Worthy, Meh, or Not Worth the Bother.  The rating asks:

  1. Does it save time?
  2. Does it save money?
  3. Does it get you about the same results as if you did it the “hard/right way”?

To be Lazy Worthy, the answer to all three questions must be yes.

To be Meh, there must be at least one yes answer.

To be Not Worth the Bother, the answer to all three questions must be no.

Here’s the reasoning:  If you were lazy but rich, all you have to do is to hire people to do things for you.  Most of us are not rich, but we still like to save time when doing actual work so we can have time later to be lazy.  But if something is done sloppily in order to save time or money, you could end up paying more or spending extra time to fix it.  Not good.  So the new time and/or money saving thing or method needs to give you the same or similar result.

This is a sliding scale system.  Sometimes items can be rated Lazy Worthy Minus, Meh Plus, or similar.  This part is fairly subjective.