I have been told that I am a lazy person (I prefer energy efficient), so I thought I’d be the perfect person to build a website by the lazy, for the lazy. 

Here, I will sometimes share tips on shortcuts on doing things that have worked for me (naturally no guarantee that it would work for you).  I will also review products or services that might help you be lazy.  I might also write about other things—basically whatever strikes my fancy—but don’t hold your breath.  Coming up with writing ideas is hard work, and hard work is the enemy of the lazy.

Everything on this website is rated on the Laziness Scale as Lazy Worthy, Meh, or Not Worth the Bother.  The scale asks three questions:

  1. Does it save time?
  2. Does it save money?
  3. Does it get you about the same results as if you did it the “hard/right way”?

To be Lazy Worthy, the answer to all three questions must be yes.

To be Meh, there must be at least one yes answer.

To be Not Worth the Bother, the answer to all three questions must be no.

The Laziness Scale is a sliding scale system, so you will sometimes see a Lazy Worthy Minus or Meh Plus. I admit this part is completely subjective.

Here’s how I came up with the Laziness Scale.  If you were lazy but rich, all you have to do is to hire people to do things for you.  Unfortunately, most people are not rich, but they still have the inalienable right to be lazy.  That’s why saving time and money are two important criteria on the Laziness Scale.  On the requirement for same or similar results, it’s pretty logical that if something is done sloppily in order to save time or money, you might end up paying more or wasting more time to fix it.  Hence this last requirement. 

Anyway.  Relax and read my articles.  Maybe you’ll find some tips on making your life easier.  To get notifications on new articles, follow me on Twitter or Facebook.  I’ve turned off the comment function on this website, so I can manage responses better. It’s the lazy way.